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Come to Tight 5 and see the next big name before are famous

Who we are.

Tight 5 are a group of comedians who are passionate and nerdy about comedy. We strive to make every single show fun and special for the audience.

Nothing beats a brilliant night of stand up comedy in an intimate venue. That is our motivation. The unquenchable thirst for validation and admiration from civilians almost irrelevant.

The Brighton comedy circuit has consistently produced and nurtured comics that you now see regularly on TV. 

We are fans of comedy too. When we book a show, we book comedians that we are excited about seeing again. We don’t want to watch the same acts every week, and neither do you.  For showcase nights we book acts from the national circuit that we love to see, alongside the best acts from the Brighton comedy conveyor belt. 

Don’t stay in watching TV. Come and watch a comedy legend just before they are famous.

Tight 5 Tuesday

Tight 5 Tuesday is an open mic night that runs every Tuesday. We started it as padded soft play area for comedians and anyone wanting to try comedy for the first time. Tight 5 has a loyal following of regulars who range from circuit professionals to beginners. Everyone gets 5 minutes maximum to try their new stuff! If you’ve ever fancied trying comedy in front of a supportive audience click here.

Tight 5 Showcase

Tight 5 Next Generation

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Mystery Meat

Mystery Meat is a monthly showcase night that has been playing to sellout audiences since 2017. 

MM has featured a number of acts featured on National TV as well as break out acts hande selected by Anthony Ayton.